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About Us

Alexander Sullivan Consulting LLC is headquartered in Washington State. We provide research and policy analysis, specializing in the hospitality industry. In addition, Alexander Sullivan Consulting offers guidance in managerial, organizational, personal coaching, employee development, education, and telecommunications. Please follow the links for additional information. 

Alexander Sullivan Consulting LLC is open to executive board position consideration in the hospitality industry and we happily consider all public speaking requests. Call for additional information.



Business Consulting

Alexnder Sullivan Consulting is the result of more than 40 years of increased levels of leadership, management, and education. Our team is ready to help provide the direction your organization needs to thrive in today’s dynamic markets. We can assist you with issues like as corporate culture, internal processes, or developing a new business plan to match your vision for the future.


Staff Training

Contact us if you’d like to discuss one-on-one or team training opportunities. We can present in-person or online, using a variety of disciplines for organizations without the resources to provide training, in-house.  In today’s fast-paced business environment, your staff must perform at their peak to be relevant and competitive. We provide creative and engaging corporate training programmes that are strategically aligned with your business objectives.


Curriculum Design

Alexander Sullivan provides curriculum design from one of three perspectives: subject-centered, learner-centered, and problem-centered. In addition, we may employ any of several styles of curriculum, including recommended, written, taught, supported, hidden, learned, and assessed curriculum types. We provide content individually suited for your organization.


Organizational Development

Problematic individual or department? Your initial strategy is not having the desired result? Organizational development aligns people, structures, management practices, rewards, and strategies to move the organization forward. At Alexander Sullivan, we improve organizational development by solving problems. We create plans and programmes that coordinate, support, and encourage a department’s progress so that it may achieve its objective, maximise its potential, and make meaningful and lasting contributions.


Statistical Analysis

Discover the joy of quantitative and qualitative research and how each offers the ability to provide insight to your organization. We can help you build a testing strategy and complete your comprehensive analysis for a variety of research designs, as well as assess whether extra testing is required to ensure convincing findings and quicker authorization. The objective is to provide prompt, reliable, and understandable information about data analysis to our clients.


LMS Creation

During the pandemic many organizations have had to pivot overnight and conduct training using Learning Management Systems. Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate or create your LMS. Here at Alexander Sullivan Consulting we have a National Board-Certified Teacher in Career and Technical Education specializing in Business, Marketing and Financial Institutions. If you’re needing to train and assess new employees, develop current staff for management opportunities or have a system in place for safety, we can create an online course to meet your needs.


Online Course Content

E-learning offers a dynamic alternative to provide managers and employees with advanced training, key corporate updates, and for the presentation of new strategies and alliances. Alexander Sullivan will create timely, dynamic online presentations which can be hosted over a variety of platforms. Our suggestions include required monthly training, corporate newsletter, safety audits…if your organization needs online training, Alexander Sullivan is here to help.


Employee Development

Employees don’t leave organizations…they leave managers! Employee development is a key difference between successful organizations and those that struggle. Alexander Sullivan can provide leadership training in-house or online, matching the needs of your organization. Organizations with well-developed engagement programs creates environments where employees are willing partners in promoting the success of the organization.



Coaching enables managers and employees to take charge of their career and evolve to be their best self. At Alexander Sullivan LLC, we provide a focused approach which encourages employees from the back room to the boardroom to find and develop their personal skillset to reach their maximum potential within the organization. Your company will reap the benefit of improved employee morale, contributing to increased profits, satisfied employees, and points the toward the future.

Book With Us AN In-Person Consultation

If you prefer in person trainings, our dedicated teachers can create engaging curriculum for all your face to face events.

  • Clear objectives,
  • lesson plans with interactive activities that are adult appropriate,
  • assessments that are enjoyable for your audience and informative to the trainer, and
  • materials will set you up for continued success.

Our Industries

Hospitality industry

Our expertise allows us to deliver practical, profit-oriented consulting services across a wide range of hospitality property types and business models, as well as strategic direction and high-impact work products to help your firm recover and thrive in the long run.

English Language Tutoring

Our National Board certified teacher will gladly work one on one with professionals from around the world to help perfect their Business English Language skills. We will have you ready for your next in person or remote presentation. Focusing on pronunciation when speaking, written word, and a review of business vocabulary.

Enterprise Companies

As an independent, trusted advisor, we work with clients across the globe to help them adapt to new events and challenges in an ever-changing environment.

Financial Services

Using our professionals and worldwide network, we offer a wide variety of advisory services for resolving the complex difficulties and risks which challenge financial institutions.